Pixsy is not a Copyright Troll?

Copyright Claims Advice makes no claims as to whether Pixsy is a copyright troll.  Our intent with this article is to explore copyright troll behavior.

Does Pixsy earn revenue based on helping copyright owners enforce their copyright protections?  It is safe to say that this is the case.  Are they "exploiting the massive damages in copyright law in order to pressure defendants into settling quickly"? This is less clear, as Pixsy supports copyright owners in their efforts to enforce copyright - Pixsy itself does not make the decision to protect any random copyright owner's work. The copyright owner has to make the decision to use Pixsy's services.  

Therefore, if we want to ask the question about who counts as a copyright troll, we need to think about the copyright owner.  Are all copyright owners copyright trolls?  Absolutely not.  Are some?  Absolutely. That is why the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other organizations try to help victims of copyright trolling.

You might be wondering, "what point are you trying to make?" It is very well possible that copyright trolls could make use of Pixsy's services to exploit copyright law to obtain disproportionate revenue. Does Pixsy welcome copyright trolls as customers? That's the question raised by many legal experts, that there is the risk that these services could potentially act as "settlement machines".

In summary, Pixsy is likely not a copyright troll (and again, we make no claims as to whether this is true), but there is a potential that some of Pixsy's customers might be. If you or anyone you know might have been targeted unfairly by a Pixsy customer, contact a copyright claims advice provider that can advise you on how to deal with Pixsy demand letters.

Pixsy demands are made on copyright owners' behalf.

What is a Copyright Troll?

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, copyright trolls like those they identify on their very own Copyright Trolls page "try to grow businesses out of suing Internet users", and while there may be various tactics used by copyright trolls, one of them includes "exploiting the massive damages in copyright law in order to pressure defendants into settling quickly."

A copyright troll's revenue, therefore, comes from payment for damages related to copyright infringement especially from those pressured by scare tactics to settle outside of court under the premise that lawsuits can be very costly. Accordingly, it's safe to say that a copyright troll is anyone who takes advantage of the copyright laws around the world in order to profit from alleged infringement regardless of the merits of claims.

Copyright Trolls Exploit "Massive Damages In Copyright Law In Order To Pressure Defendants Into Settling Quickly"

Is Pixsy a Copyright Troll?

Pixsy offers copyright enforcement protection services for its customers. This may involve Pixsy sending demand letters to suspected copyright infringers. Copyright Claims Advice makes no claims as to whether Pixsy is a copyright troll. This article attempts to clarify the online discussion.

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