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Got a Pixsy letter? Now get advice.

Received a 'Legal Escalation Notice' from or anyone else about a photo used on your website?

We can help.

How to Deal with Pixsy

Despite the threatening tone used in many letters, there are often many ways to resolve such claims without paying hundreds of dollars in penalties.

Copyright Claims Advice utilizes an experienced team of legal specialists familiar with IP dispute resolution to help you ascertain whether or not your Pixsy letter has a relevant legal basis, how to respond if it does, and what you can do to avoid such demands in future.

Don't let aggressive Pixsy demands scare you.

Copyright Claims Advice


Take back control.

Pixsy indirectly attempts to enforce copyright by sending automated demand letters, so it's time to get informed and take back control.

Resolve disputes.

Working through dispute resolution procedures that verify whether the Pixsy claim is legitimate can increase desired outcomes.


Protect yourself.

Once resolved, get advice to avoid future claims with confidence. We'll give you a checklist to help you ensure full copyright compliance.


“I received outstanding legal advice and practical follow-up suggestions from Copyright Claims Advice shortly after receiving a threat demanding $750 from Pixsy. Not only did the advice and regular communication help put my mind at ease, but I was provided the tools to tackle the issue at a much higher level. I could not recommend Copyright Claims Advice enough when it comes to finding ways to minimize potential risk when a Pixsy warning letter/bill arrives in your inbox.”

Anonymous *

“When I received a copyright infringement notice, Copyright Claims Advice communicated with the copyright owner's lawyers and helped me get out of a tricky situation. The service was affordable and reliable, and I highly recommend them.”

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E-Commerce Gift Retailer in Canada

* All client identities are kept confidential.

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